How to give a great presentation

Oral presentations at conferences are a great way to share your work to other delegates. Great presentations convince an audience that the work is important, valid and relevant. The best way to achieve this is through a compelling story that can capture the audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

To tell a great science story, here are some tips from Will Ratcliff, evolutionary biologist from Georgia Tech. Popular Science magazine named Ratcliff as one of their Brilliant 10,  an annual list of “the 10 most innovative young minds in science and technology.” Ratcliff is also a great communicator, and has developed an effective science presentation guide called the David Attenborough Style of Scientific Presentation, in honour of the master of science communication.

The David Attenborough Style of Scientific Presentation gives 10 key points to delivering a great presentation, including practical tips on structuring your talk, creating a narrative, capturing people’s curiosity and much more.

Download the David Attenborough Style of Scientific Presentation now and watch it in action with Ratcliff’s 5 minute talk on the rise of multicellular life.



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