How to give a great flash talk

Flash talks are a quick-fire way to showcase your work. Using just one slide and three minutes, presenters must explain their work to a non-specialist audience. Flash talks can be challenging, but if done right, can be more engaging, memorable and effective than longer oral presentations.

It can seem daunting to condense your work into one short pitch, but chances are you’ve already had to. Parties, family dinners and even funding applications all require you to convey a concept, idea or project in a concise, yet engaging way.

The most important thing to consider when delivering a flash talk is your key message. What’s the number one piece of information that you want your audience to remember? Frame your flash talk around your key message and address the big picture of your work.

For more tips, watch the videos below. The first video gives you the three most common mistakes when delivering a flash talk. These mistakes include:

  • failure to connect your work with the bigger picture
  • not engaging with the audience’s wants and needs
  • neglecting the visual component

Watch the video for an in-depth discussion on problems and solutions to give a great flash talk. And for some inspiration, watch finalists and winners from popular flash talk competitions like FameLab and the 3 Minute Thesis.


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