How NOT to give a presentation

What makes a great conference presentation? –  Incomprehensible graphs? Videos that don’t load? Unreadable slides? If you said yes to any of those, you know how to give the perfect scientific presentation! That’s according to Professor Andrew Maynard, author of 2020 Science.

Professor Maynard’s tongue-in-cheek article on “how to give the perfect scientific presentation” should sound familiar to most. We’ve all attended conference presentations that bore, cause confusion or even put us to sleep. But as imperfect as these presentations are, they’re all too common.

How many of these 12 pointers have you seen?



Don’t let this be you! Give a presentation that the audience will find engaging. Share your key messages, give the bottom-line of your work and speak in plain-English. If you want to give a great conference presentation, read our top tips.


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