2018 Conference

How NOT to give a presentation

What makes a great conference presentation? –  Incomprehensible graphs? Videos that don’t load? Unreadable slides? If you said yes to any of those, you know how to give the perfect scientific presentation! That’s according to Professor Andrew Maynard, author of 2020 Science. Professor Maynard’s tongue-in-cheek article on “how to give the perfect scientific presentation” should […]

How to give a great flash talk

Flash talks are a quick-fire way to showcase your work. Using just one slide and three minutes, presenters must explain their work to a non-specialist audience. Flash talks can be challenging, but if done right, can be more engaging, memorable and effective than longer oral presentations. It can seem daunting to condense your work into […]

How to write a great abstract

Abstracts are now open for the NRM Science Conference 2018. Before you submit your abstract, be sure to read the Conference Guidelines to find out about the abstract submission process and presentation types. Importantly, abstracts for the conference will be collated and published on the website. These abstracts will be searchable and free to read […]

How to give a great presentation

Oral presentations at conferences are a great way to share your work to other delegates. Great presentations convince an audience that the work is important, valid and relevant. The best way to achieve this is through a compelling story that can capture the audience’s attention and keep them engaged. To tell a great science story, […]