The South Australian Natural Resource Management Science Conference is a biennial showcase of the natural resource management science underpinning environmental decision making, policy and management in South Australia.

The barrier between science and decision making in NRM is well recognised. This biennial conference attracts attendees and speakers from across the research and NRM sectors. Our successful model sets a national precedent for NRM researchers and practitioners to come together and share their work, and it has been instrumental in delivering public value to South Australia.

The inaugural 2014 conference attracted 500 delegates and 118 talks. The recent 2016 conference attracted over 1,000 delegates – and a whopping 285 presentations – over 3 days.

Presentations from the 2016 conference were live-streamed online during the event, and are now available on this site. We hope this collection will be a useful resource for researchers and practitioners to draw on into the future.

Don’t forget to check out the 2016 Abstracts Book. This publication includes all accepted abstracts for the 2016 SA NRM Science Conference and is a useful companion to the online presentations.

Organised by the SA NRM Research and Innovation Network (NRM RAIN), and the Department of Water, Environment and Natural Resources, with support from the University of Adelaide Environment Institute.